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Stephens Community Canine Rescue, Inc.

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Non-profits depend on generous donations and fundraising to provide proper support for the animals in their care.  Any donation amount helps make a difference!

A big "Thank you" to our donors, your support & generosity helps us help animals in need!

November, 2015:

Mr & Mrs. M. Grimm

​Mr & Mrs. T. George

Mr & Mrs. T. Grimm

​K911 Rescue

​C. Grimm

January, 2016:


K & T Morneault

October, 2015:

M. Kennedy

J. Callaway

J. Kennedy

Mr. & Mrs. Cameron

C. Juckett

D. Grimm

Make a single or monthly donation directly from your bank account, credit card, or Paypal.

December, 2015:

H. Wright

C. Bates

P. Smith

​L & P Letcher

August, 2015:

P. Grimm

Dr. & Mrs. J.S. Balkcom

G. Grimm

Letcher Family

Morneault Family

Now that our rescue is up and running we are in need of the following items on a regular basis.

Donation Wish List:

  • Dog food - any type, good quality
  • Treats - any kind
  • Bleach / Fabuloso cleaner
  • Chewable dog toys - no stuffed items please!
  • Plastic grocery bags