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Stephens Community Canine Rescue, Inc.

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Meet our Rescue Family...

RJ on the left and Punkin & Trixie on the right.   RJ was brought to us by our new neighbor 1 month after we moved into our new home in Stephens, GA.   He was emaciated and covered with ticks.  I took him to the shelter so they could give him all his shots, then I brought him home for his 10 day quarantine period, of course by then he had become part of our family and the only choice for us was to adopt him.

Trixie & Punkin joined our family about 3 years ago.   Trixie was adopted from our local SPCA in Largo Florida and Punkin was adopted from the Clearwater Humane Society also in Florida.   Sometimes you just connect with an animal and that is how you know it is meant to be!

​​​​About Stephens Community Canine Rescue Inc:

Stephens Community Canine Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that is funded through private donations and business sponsorship. Our tax free EIN # 47-4383587. Our GDA # 33-33107593.

Currently "we" are a team of One but I am hoping to change that very soon!    

Having a dog rescue has been a dream of mine for many years.   After the loss of my mother in 2014, I realized that life is short and we should do what we are passionate about while we still can.   So my husband and I left our home and family in Florida so that I could pursue my dreams of helping to rescue and find loving homes for stray or abandoned dogs.  

We are not a breed specific rescue.  Our main goal is to ensure that the dogs that have been left behind for whatever reason, get a second chance at finding a permanent home.   Until they can do that, I want to be able to provide them with a safe and healthy environment, free from fear, abuse and disease.  

Our facility is finally complete!   Now I finally have the opportunity to help support the needs of the community and pursue my passion!